SAIGA Project Activity

On the 18th May 2020, the regular remote Technical Meeting on the SAIGA Project was held with representatives of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) via video link. This was the pre-last meeting on the eve of the SAIGA Project final phase – a feasibility study of testing a model assembly of the advanced ASTRID reactor at the IGR reactor using a loop sodium circuit. In the course of the Conference, technical issues were discussed regarding the results of completed tasks on the sodium loop design, the results of the thermo-hydraulic calculations of the sodium loop as part of the experimental device, the thermophysical calculations of the steady state process and the degradation of fuel and structural elements of the test section as part of the model fuel assembly test mode, development of equipment layout and methods for installing primary converters of the parameter measurement system in the experimental device. Based on the results of the videoconference, the Technical Requirements for the manufacture of a fuel pellet batch of various enrichment for use in the composition of the model fuel assembly of the experimental device were agreed and an agreement on the deadline for submitting the final report and the final meeting date on the results of the feasibility study phase completion of the SAIGA program was reached.