Laboratory of Radiative Studies of the IAE NNC RK performing nuclear facility monitoring, includes preparation, radiochemical, radiometric and spectrometric sites. These premises are certificated for work with open ionizing irradiation sources (IIS).   

The main challenges addressed by the Laboratory:

  • studying fission product yield from a nuclear fuel of various compositions;
  • testing methods of alpha-spectrometric, radiometric and neutron-activation analysis at the experimental basis of the Institute;  
  • development of experimental devices and testing to substantiate projects of standard reactor technological systems;
  • radiation monitoring of a test-bench base of the Institute;
  • analysis of radioactively safe conditions for tests at the reactors and installations of the enterprise, forecasting of possible radiological consequences of severe accidents.


In the Laboratory there is cryogenic sampler “PURGA-K” for air sampling, which is intended for sampling all gas-aerosol forms of various radioactive and non-radioactive impurity fractions containing in analyzed air (excluding hydrogen and helium).    

Specialists of the Laboratory took part in the following activities:

  • liquidation of Chernobyl NPP accident;
  • survey of launch silo sites;
  • inspection of radioactive waste disposal facility of the Irtysh Chemical Metallurgical Plant;
  • identification of revealed unaccounted IIS.