Metrological Service

The basis for the provision of the service:

Certificate of accreditation for compliance with GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2019 “General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”

Activity area

Verification of measuring instruments according to 8 types of measurements:

  • 02 mass calibration;
  • 04 manometry;
  • 05 vacuum gauging;
  • 10 thermophysical and temperature measurement;
  • 13 electrical measurement;
  • 15 chronometry and frequency measurement;
  • 16 radiotechnical measurement;
  • 17 ionizing radiation measurement.

The scope of accreditation is available at the following link:

 Work experience:

  • certification of test equipment;
  • repair of measuring instruments and complex radio-electronic equipment;
  • carrying out metrological expertise of draft normative documentation, technical documentation related to the use of measuring instruments, measurement techniques;
  • performing accurate measurements and other metrological work.


The average annual volume of laboratory work is:

  • verification of measuring instruments about 3200 units;
  • certification of test equipment about 100 units;
  • repair of measuring instruments and complex radio-electronic equipment about 120 units (of the IAE Branch).


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Chief Metrologist – Head of the Metrological Service, IAE, RSE NNC RK – Igor Nikolaevich Flerko, Tel.: 8(72251) 9-43-96, 8(72251) 9-43-94, e-mail:;