Development of program-methodical, design and estimate, executive, service and organizational documentations, documentation on safe work practices at atomic power facilities.

The CAESC ME RK license “Implementation of Works Related to the Life Cycle Stages of Nuclear Power Facilities” No. 20002096 dated 04.02.2020:

  • Work and project management when deploying, constructing, decommissioning nuclear facilities
    • Nuclear (atomic) research reactors
  • Operation of nuclear facilities, radioactive waste storages
    • Operation of radioactive waste storages
      • Low-level radioactive waste storage facilities
      • Spent nuclear fuel storage facilities
      • High-level radioactive waste storage facilities
      • Medium-level radioactive waste storage facilities
    • Operating of nuclear facilities
      • Nuclear (atomic) research reactors
      • Facilities for the manufacture of nuclear fuel and the components

Work experience:

Project feasibility study “Creation of the Republican center for processing and long-term storage RW and IRS”;

  • feasibility study on the creation of a pilot and demonstration power block with HTGR in Kurchatov “Construction of the small nuclear reactor for heat and power supply in the Republic of Kazakhstan”;
  • feasibility study chapters on options for further handling the BN-350 SNF to the report “Study of Options for Handling with BN-350 SNF”
  • feasibility study chapters for further handling the BN-350 reactor SNF “Reprocessing and disposal of spent nuclear fuel of BN-350 reactor in the Russian Federation”;
  • feasibility study “Substantiation of the possibility of temporary safe storage of spent nuclear fuel”;
  • Marketing section chapters of feasibility study on NPP building in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


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