Participation of the RSE NNC RK in the JAEA Training Program for Asian Countries

For a number of years, the NNC RK experts have been participating as trainees in the International Training Course in Reactor Technologies, held in Japan under the agreement on training personnel for the nuclear industry between the NNC RK and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA). Receiving an instructor certificate after training in Japan, at the next stage, experts organize and conduct training courses hosted by the NNC RK.

JAEA actively invites to take part in International Courses in Japan as foreign lecturers among specialists from Asian countries who have previously completed this course as a trainee and have shown excellent theoretical and practical training in their specialty, as well as knowledge of the English language.

This year, JAEA offered participation as a lecturer in the training course in Reactor Technologies to Arman Miniyazov, the Head of Laboratory for Material Testing under Fusion Reactor Conditions, Institute of Atomic Energy Branch RSE NNC RK, who is actively involved in work with JAEA in this area and has been the responsible executor in organizing training courses in Kazakhstan since 2015 and delivers a course of lectures on reactor materials science. In 2017 A. Miniyazov completed a refresher course organized by JAEA in Tokai.

In this regard, in the period from 1 to 3 August 2023, Arman Miniyazov took part in the training course as an invited foreign lecturer and delivered lectures to course participants from eight countries participating in the Japanese Instructor Training Program. The event was held at the JAEA Training Center in Tokai, Japan.

During the visit to JAEA, the issues of organizing and conducting the annual training course “Reactor Technologies” hosted by the IAE Branch RSE NNC RK, scheduled for October this year, were discussed with the training course coordinator. The course’s content, the list of lectures and practical exercises were determined in accordance with the activities of the enterprise. The Japanese partners expressed their intention to increase the number of lectures and planned participation of three Japanese specialists as lecturers.

In general, the joint experience in personnel training and close cooperation with JAEA allows to provide a sustainable contribution to the development of the system for training specialists for the nuclear industry. The direct participation of JAEA is expressed in the annual ITC courses (training instructors) and AITC (advanced ITC course), including the participation of our experts as guest lecturers, as well as the direct participation of JAEA experts as lecturers in annual courses hosted by the RSE NNC RK.