International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-21)

Between October 22-27, 2023, the 21st  International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-21) was held in Granada (Spain).

The ICFRM is the largest international conference and the leading platform for the specialists studying, developing and characterizing materials for the fusion energy technologies. The biennial conference is devoted to structural, functional, plasma-forming materials and the materials with a high heat flux including irradiation effects, materials science and technology, as well as the advanced research.

The National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan was represented by Kuanysh Samarkhanov, Researcher of Intrachannel Test Laboratory of the IAE Branch RSE NNC RK, PhD student of S. Amanzholov EKU. He presented results of the experimental work on the study of high-temperature corrosion of functional materials of solid-state breeder blankets of the fusion reactors, in particular, lithium ceramics and binary intermetallic compounds based on beryllium, under their purging in an inert environment containing various concentrations of chemically active impurities. The research presented at the Conference was implemented under the grant financing project by the MES RK on the topic “High-Temperature Tests of the Functional Materials of Solid-State Breeder Blankets of Fusion Reactors in Various Gas Environments”. (Grant No. АР14870785).

In general, a high level was noted and the submitted papers received a positive review. It is necessary to note the high level of the event organization, professional and individual approach to each participant, to the activity on the whole, rich and interesting conference program, very interesting plenary and sectional reports.