In support of Development of a New Hydrogen Production Technology

A delegation of representatives of the S. Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University headed by Tolegen Adilbekuly, the Chairman of the Board-Rector and representatives of the K. Satpayev Kazakh National Research Technical University visited the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan from 20 to 23 of February 2022. Among other things, a visit program included a technical meeting with employees of the Institute of Atomic Energy Branch to discuss implementation of a Scientific and Technical Program of the Program-Targeted Financing “Development of Hydrogen Production and Storage Technologies for the Alternative Energy Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan”. Investigation of hydrogen production using plasma technologies, sorption-active materials for hydrogen storage and solid oxide fuel rods have been started in October 2021. The purpose of the research work is development of a new technology for producing hydrogen and introduction of hydrogen-accumulating composite materials based on titanium intermetallic compounds for storing and transporting hydrogen, which are characterized by increased sorption properties and thermal cycling stability. The representatives of the universities visited a hydrogen energy site and a material testing complex, and had been acquainted with the scientific equipment that will be involved in the work. Following the visit, several agreements have been reached on joint implementation of new orientations in research.