In-pile experiments with Water-Cooled Technological Channels (WCTC)

In-pile experiments with Water-Cooled Technological Channels (WCTC) with “fresh” highly-enriched uranium (HEU) fuel were realized as part of the International IVG.1M HEU-to-LEU Conversion Program. The experiments were focused on receiving data on relative fission product yield (FP) from non-irradiated and irradiated HEU fuel of standard WCTC and comparison of these parameters.  

As part of experimental challenge, three startups of the IVG.1M reactor were conducted with two WCTC-LEU in the reactor core and coolant samples were taken to identify the content of fission products. The following analysis of the experimental data showed that the value of average relative FP yield for standard WCTC as twice higher as similar value for “fresh” WCTC. Two irradiated WCTC-HEU will be dismantled and transported as spent nuclear fuel under the Contract between Battelle Energy Alliance LLC, BEA and National Nuclear Center RK, NNC.