11th Technical Meeting under EAGLE-3 Project

On 3-6 December 2019, regular 11th Technical Meeting within the framework of EAGLE-3 Project implementation jointly with JAEA (Japan Atomic Energy Agency) was held in the Institute of Atomic Energy Branch. During the Meeting, Kazakhstani and Japanese experts discussed results of out-of-pile and in-pile tests implemented in 2019. The tests simulated severe accidents of sodium cooled reactor with movement of corium to the room under reactor throughout the guide tube of the control rod with flow setting device under conditions of draining and sodium re-filling. The joint Kazakhstani-Japanese research are aimed to enhance safe operation of fast sodium cooled reactors. Results will contribute to the development of recommendations regarding structure of the flow setting device in control rod guide tube.

Following the meeting, a plan of future joint experimental work for 2020 was drawn up.