Training Course of the New Kazakh Alphabet Based on Latin Graphics

State language translators of the IAE Branch RSE NNC RK completed a full training course on the LATYN GRAFIKASYNA NEGİZDELGEN JAŃA QAZAQ ÁLİPBIİN ÚIRETÝ, which was organized by “Kurchatov Language Learning Center of the East Kazakhstan region” MPI. Following course completion, certificates have been awarded. In addition, an essay contest was held among the students of the course on the theme “LATYN ÁLİPBIİNE KÓSHÝ – QAZAQ TİLİNİŃ BELESİ”. According to the results of the competition, Akmaral Tleukhanova was awarded diplomas for the taken 2nd place and Laura Zhurerova – for the 3rd place.