The 29th International Fusion Energy Conference – IAEA FEC 2023 UK, London

London hosted one of the most significant international conferences in fusion energy development – the 29th IAEA FEC 2023, which was initiated by the International Atomic Energy Agency. About 1000 participants from different countries presented research results and demonstrated advanced achievements in this area.

The reports covered a wide range of scientists’ activities: from computer modeling and engineering solutions to demonstrating the results of physical startups of tokamaks. Specialists of the Institute of Atomic Energy Branch RSE NNC RK also showed significant results of scientific research of our country in this industry at this large event. Thus, during the Conference from October 16 to 21, reports were presented by Baurzhan Chektybayev on activities in the KTM tokamak, Igor Sokolov – on testing FR structural materials, and Timur Tulenbergenov on the development of plasma diagnostic systems.