Metrology Laboratory is metrological service of the Institute of Atomic Energy Branch RSE NNC RK.

Laboratory has been operating since 1969.

Activity of the Laboratory corresponds to ST RK ISO/MEK 17025-2007 “General Requirements for Competency of Testing and Calibrating Laboratories” that is confirmed by Accreditation Certificate No. KZ.P.07.1114 entitled to perform calibration.      

Laboratory implements the following metrological work and services:

  • calibration of measurers for 9 types of measurements (ST RK 2.42-2002):
    • mass measurement;
    • temperature and thermophysical measurements;
    • flow rate measurement;
    • pressure measurement;
    • vacuum measurement;
    • electrical quantity measurement;
    • time and frequency measurement;
    • radio technical measurements;
    • ionizing irradiation measurement.
  • test equipment certification;
  • repair of measurers and complex electronic equipment;
  • metrological expertise of normative document drafts and technical documentation related with use of measurers and measurement methods; 
  • implementation of accurate measurements and other metrological activity.

Our stable customers:

  • RSE NNC RK Branches;
  • RSE INP (Almaty);
  • Balapan Koligy Company LLP, Kurchatov;
  • RSE IGR, Kurchatov;
  • Park of Nuclear Technologies JSC, Kurchatov;
  • KAZFOAM JSC, Kurchatov;
  • IsotopTransServise LLP, Ust-Kamenogorsk;
  • SLMZ LLP, Semey.

Address: 10, Krasnoarmeyskaya St., 071100, Kurchatov, East-Kazakhstan region, Republic of Kazakhstan
Tel.: (722-51) 3-32-02, Fax: (722-51) 3-31-25, е

Head of the Metrology Laboratory (Center):

Igor Nickolayevich Flerko, Head of Metrology Laboratory, Tel.. 43-96 (com. 8-722-513-32-02).