Congratulations to Yuri Valentinovich Ponkratov on defending his Candidate’s dissertation!

On December 27, 2023 there was a successful defense of the thesis for the degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Deputy Head of the Intrachannel Tests Laboratory, Institute of Atomic Energy Ponkratov Yuri Valentinovich!

The defense was held at the meeting of the dissertation council of DS.T.03 at the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (Tomsk, Russia).

Congratulations to Yuri Valentinovich on the successful defense of his candidate’s dissertation on the topic: “Experimental studies of the interaction of hydrogen isotopes with liquid lithium under neutron irradiation”

We wish you continuing enthusiasm in such a difficult field as science! Constant striving for new heights, fulfillment of desires, an inexhaustible stream of strength and energy.

Investigate, find new scientific approaches to taking important challenges and always remain a successful and inquisitive person!

The staff of the IAE Branch of the NNC RK