Dear colleagues!

It’s easy and pleasant to congratulate everyone with the celebration of peace around the world.

Victory Day is a special solemn holiday when we pay tribute to the military and labour feat of our people!

Tears of joy and sorrow, pain and pride are mixed together on this day. This is a Memorial Day, a celebration of the triumph of life!

Remembrance lives in each of us, in medals on the heroes’ breasts, in yellowed photos, in eye wrinkles, in the friend’s hand holding tightly, in quiet pride and in knowledge of our common history.

As long as we do not forget, while we know and thank war veterans for their courage – our country and the whole world will also remember this.

Let the heroic pages of the Great Victory of our people remain forever its history, and peaceful sky, happy childhood, and productive labour will be the present and future of our country.

Peace, health, happiness, kindness, harmony, prosperity to you and your beloved ones.