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Training courses for instructors on “Reactor Technology” PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 29 October 2018 15:01

From August 19 to October 13, 2018, M.Bekmuldin and A.Turkach, specialists of the IAE NNC RK, took part in training courses for instructors on “Reactor Technology”.

The courses were initiated by “Center for Human Resources Development in the Nuclear Industry of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency”.

The training course program included lectures, practical and laboratory studies. Japanese experts delivered the lectures. Practical training were implemented at large-scaled training benches to simulate actual situations while reactor facility operation. Laboratory studies were carried out using small-scaled benches.

Based on results of studies, trainees were awarded certificates.

Tours to facilities of atomic industry and nuclear science (NRC and SRI) of Japan were arranged for participants of the courses.

1) Naka Fusion Institute, QST
2) Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy
3) Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex (J-PARC), JAEA
4) Critical facility FCA and TCA
5) Reactor Fuel Examination Facility (RFEF), JAEA
6) Large Scale Test Facility (LSTF), JAEA
7) Japan Research Reactor No.4 (JRR-4), JAEA
8) Nuclear Fuel Cycle Engineering Laboratories, JAEA
9) High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor (HTGR)
10) Oarai Research and Development Center, JAEA
11) Gamma Field, NARO
12) Kashiwazaki Kariwa Nuclear Power Station, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings
13) BWR Operator Training Center Corporation
14) Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute, QST
15) Nuclear Safety Research Reactor (NSRR), JAEA
16) Ibaraki Museum of Nuclear Science
17) Japan Research Reactor No.3 (JRR-3), JAEA
18) Nuclear Emergency Assistance and Training Center (NEAT)
19) Ibaraki Prefecture Nuclear Off Site Center


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